Tour schedule "Poppies and Tulips" (apr. 20 >>apr. 30, 2020)


Day 2  : Arrive at Bruxelles Airport and transfer by luxury coach to Ypres. Here You will have enough time to see this city which is so connected to the Canadian heritage. Every night at 8 PM You can join in the ceremony at Menin Gate to commemorate the fallen in the Great War.

Dinner will be included today

Day 3  : Guided Tour around the  Somme-area with visit to Canadian memorial, "Paschendaele Museum" and trenches, "Hells Highway", bomb craters, WW I cemeteries etc. 

Lunch will be included today!

Day 4  : Visit Bruges. One of the most beautifull medieval cities in Europe. Make sure to take a canaltrip or a tour by horse and carriage. Taste the Belgian Chocolate or a real Belgian Beer.

Day 5  : Free morning in Ypres (You might want to visit the Flanders Fields Museum, or try and find out why they throw cats from the bell-tower each year). Depart to Vlissingen.

Dinner will be included today.

Day 6  : Tour around Zeeland, where the liberation of The Netherlands started. We visit the Canadian WW II Cemetery, see parts of the inmense "Deltaplan" waterworks and spend some time in the beautifull city of Middelburg.

Day 7  : We leave Vlissingen and will  make a visit to Delft, known for its Delftblue pottery. Transfer to Kampen. A lovely, medieval  city on the banks of the IJssel-river, still used by large, old-fashioned sailingships as their harbour. 

Dinner will be included today.

Day 8  : Day off! And luckily so, because today is "Kings Day" in The Netherlands. You are invited to see, taste, feel and breathe one of the nations craziest holidays. There is a "free market" where locals clean out their attic and try to sell their georgeous junk for almost nothing. Children make music and bake cookies to sell, and food, drinks and entertainment is everywhere.  Be sure to wear orange today!

Day 9  : We drive along the vast flowerfields of the Dutch polders, which are hopefully in bloom by now. A visit to the Keukenhof, the World's largest flower-exhibition can not be forgotten.

Day 10  : Do we save the best for last? That is in the eyes of the beholder, but Amsterdam is a must-see when in The Netherlands. You will have all day to see this city and of course You can count on me to give You some tips and advice on what to see, what to do and what not.

Day 11 : Transfer to Amsterdam Airport and journey back home.