I am Dutch, father of 3, born in '69, a Freemason, History-lover and motorcycle-enthousiast.


Since I was young I knew what I wanted to be: A COACHDRIVER!  After finishing a 2 Year education on that I started working at a small coach-company, specialized in Daytrips. The busses were old and crappy and I learned a lot about technique and problem-solving; the hard way :-)

After a mandatory "tour-of-duty" in the Army I worked at different coach-companies, enabling me to travel all around Europe but more imporantly, by also being the tourguide, to learn a lot about European History, Culture, Local habbits and Folklore. I had a great time, but switced to an office job (coach-hire and organizing daytrips and tours for groups) when My kids were born, because I wanted to be there when they grow up. 

I ended up at ElboBus-Trailways, working as a salesmanager. But every now and then I jumped on the bus to help out, and that's when I realized that this is what I really wanted to do. So now I'm a coachdriver at ElboBus-Trailways, and loving every minute of it.

Because ElboBus-Trailways is the European member of the Trailways-group, I got to drive many groups from the USA,  Canada, Australia and even Malasya, Vietnam and other countries.

As much fun as this job is, I needed some more challenge and, with the authorization of My employer ElboBus-Trailways, I decided to start My own travel-agency.

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Maarten's Travels
Voorstraat 116-1
8261HV Kampen